Instruction and More for the Young and the Young at Heart!


Among our goals is to provide comprehensive quality ballroom dance related services. 

Our team approach to Instruction and DJ services is an aspect of our business that sets us apart from the rest.

We work with you, every step of the way, to determine your goals and needs, and to provide unique and personalized services.

Our simple business model demonstrates that our clients' requests are our highest priority.

Repeated requests for our services and generous referrals from highly satisfied clients are proof that our types of services and our team's teaching style are winning combinations.

We believe that everyone with genuine desire can learn to dance.  We hope you will ignore anyone who has you believing that you have no rhythm.  If you can read a poem aloud, sing a song, tap your feet or snap your fingers to music, or play a musical instrument, etc., you do, indeed, have rhythm.  If you honestly want to learn, we guarantee that we can teach you to dance! 

We are convinced that dancing is life enhancing!