Instruction and More for the Young and the Young at Heart!

Welcome to Dance DIVAS! where we Deliver Instruction and Value Added Services.

Dance DIVAS team  provides inclusive and personalized dance experiences and education.  No partner is necessary!  All Singles and Couples are invited to learn with us.  Master your favorites, choosing from the social Ballroom, Latin, and Swing styles of dance.  With the winning combination of your desire to learn to dance, or to improve your dancing, and our unique approach and passion in teaching, we guarantee that you can achieve your dance goals!  We are fortunate, and pleased, to have so many wonderful satisfied clients, both on land and at sea .  Please use the TESTIMONIALS tab, above, to see comments from many of our satisfied clients around the globe! 

DANCE CLASSES ... Our local Classes (Group classes in our studio, in community health settings, and in customized 'on your site' and in faith-based communities are described via the SERVICES tab.

ABOUT US / CRUISE VACATIONS ... Come sail away (and dance the nights away) with us!  You are invited to join us on our next cruise vacation, which is trans Atlantic to northern Europe!  We will teach complimentary dance lessons on sea days, and tour in Bermuda, Denmark, England, Ireland, The Netherlands, and Norway before we return.  We taught recently on a Fijian Jewels itinerary, which began in Australia.  (We were both shocked to learn that cannibalism was still practiced in some areas there as recently as 1985!)  Many of the Aussies onboard were soon our friends, and they are lots of fun socially.  They are such generous people, and, what a sense of humor they have!  We cruised roundtrip from Sydney to some of the most beautiful islands of Fiji.

FAITH-BASED COMMUNITY CLASSES.  We can provide customized classes for you and your friends at your church, club, or synagogue.  We teach Beginner/Intermediate social Ballroom, Latin, and Swing.   Fees vary based on prepayment for a multi-week series, and or individual sessions.  Please call to discuss bringing this wonderful gentle physical/social activity and entertainment to your favorite groups.  (301.649.5779). 

COMMUNITY HEALTH CLASSES.  TUESDAYS, 6:30pm.  Beginner/Intermediate Ballroom, Latin, and Swing.  $72 prepaid 6-week series,  $60 prepaid 5-week series, or $15 per individual session.  Note:  Please call to pre-register, 301.649.5779.


Business Hours:

Mondays....Private lessons by appointment.

Tuesdays...Beginner & Intermediate Ballroom, Latin, and Swing, Variety Classes, 6:30 pm

Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays... Private lessons by appointment.

Sundays...Beginner & Intermediate Ballroom, Latin, and Swing, Variety Group Classes on your site.  Time is based on your group's preference.

In Studio:  Attend intimate guided practice sessions with experienced leader(s).  Our cozy dance studio is a genuinely private atmosphere.  With no walk-ins permitted during your private sessions, all group classes and private lessons are by appointment, and all parties are by invitation.

Here at Dance DIVAS! you have found the excellence you seek in group, couples, and individual Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dance instruction, along with additional valuable services to enhance your dancing and any special occasion. 

Please see Services above for descriptions of how to make your event even more special.

Dance DIVAS! ,,, a team of experienced ballroom dancers, instructors, and DJs who guarantee you can learn to dance.  If you have the desire to learn, we are confident  that you can become an "in demand" social dancer.

Body, Mind, Spirit:  We understand why so many people want to learn to dance!  Through adequate amounts of dancing, you can decrease stress; enjoy fun physical activity with no monotony; lose weight or maintain weight loss; improve your outlook on life; experience a more satisfying social life; create your own comprehensive health.   Fortunately, the benefits of dance are many!  When you understand why you are interested in learning to dance, you are well on your to accomplishing your goals.

Our team will help you to achieve your dancing goals, to develop more confidence and grace, and to become a better dancer!

Dance DIVAS integrates all aspects of our organization, through Delivering Instruction and Value Added Services:

Instructor Duos provide excellent group dance classes and private lessons.  "Footnotes" documentation reminds you of the basic footwork and patterns of the core social ballroom dances, and includes our complimentary practice music.   Quality music carefully selected for all events.  Custom editing for your dance showcases and related events.  Social dance outings with guided practice and experienced dance partners.  Dance hosts for solo guests at special events.  DJs.  MCs.  Wedding dance preparation for everyone:  bride, groom, parents, bridal party, family and friends, guests of honor.  Personalized music selections and suggestions for your most important Life celebrations.  At your request, we provide filtered lyrics for youth, teen, and adult events.  Dance demonstrationsPreparatory instruction and DJs/MCs for dance contests and fundraisers.  (Our DJs are dancers who know ballroom dancing, and ballroom music.) Atmosphere enhancement for any event.  Entertainment at corporate events. Events that could benefit from our quality services are unlimited. 

We are happy to provide any of our specialized services to help ease your mind and resolve issues regarding many of the products and services required to host a successful event.  We can help you to create positive memorable moments for yourself and for your guests.

Audio in Motion provides the perfect musical background or spotlight music;  masters and mistresses of ceremony;  dance hosts;  atmosphere enhancement;  recorded music;  and music editing services!  For example, we have provided services for some of our clients' favorite charities and fund raising events, and personalized music selections for wedding receptions, executives' balls, and elegant adult birthday/dinner parties.  We offer comprehensive services for your most special occasions, whether personal or business related.

Health in Motion brings social dance instruction through community health education/bodywork and movement classes for adults; enhancing physical education/drama/music/theatre classes through arts in education; social skills and dance etiquette for students of all ages; age-appropriate dance demonstrations; lady and gentleman hosts for highly anticipated balls, social dances, and dance contests for youth as well as for adults.

A Time to Dance is our premiere faith-based community dance program, utiizing classic and contemporary styles of dance music for learning and practicing.  At any age, dancing can entertain and enhance your speciali interest groups (singles, seniors, hobbyists, clubs...)  We provide dance instruction and opportunities for socializing and making new friends with people who already have a wonderful interest in common with you.  We offer adult, teen, and youth dance classes, along with themed social dances and contests.  

...everything in the universe has rhythm; everything dances.  (maya angelou)

Tuesdays....Beginner & Intermediate Ballroom, Latin, and Swing, 6:30pm. Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays.....Private lessons by appointment
Dance DIVAS studio is directed by Diane Ellis-McRoberts and Paul H. McRoberts. Especially appreciative of the most recent and overwhelming renewed interest in physical health and in partner dancing (and its many comprehensive health benefits), our team continues to inspire both the young and the young at heart through Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dance education.  Dance DIVAS! Studio offers lessons in American Smooth, American Rhythm, and Popular Latin dances. Our instructors take pride in teaching social dancing to individuals, couples, and groups, all of whom possess varied experience and abilities.  Our dance programs are designed specifically to enhance your learning and to provide you with artistic variety and more comfort on the dance floor.